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Out Of The Box Photography

June 30, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes from Me Ra Koh, Me Ra Koh Photography. Not only is the photograph awesome, so is the story!

In the photographer’s own words: We had a fun wedding this last weekend for a bride that was not only a client but a good friend. They got married at this cute place called the Schmidt House. And the property people kept saying, “The rose garden is open!” I don’t know about you, but I love roses…but rose “bushes” not so much. smile.gif I figured we were going to get a ton of stuff throughout the day on location, so the couple let us go across the street where we found an abadoned garbage dumpster (blue wall inspired by the amazing Nudd’s!) and a run down brewery. Perfect for out of the box stuff.

The best part was when this random lady walked up to us and said something like, Why would you be shooting a beautiful bride in the middle of garbage and rubble? You got to love this job when people say stuff like that! smile.gif


Am I My Brother’s Keeper

June 29, 2006


Here is an awsome photograph and story by Samuel Barr of Samuel Barr Photography.

In the photographer's own words:"I won't go into detail as there's so much here, but while I was taking this shot my roommate grabbed me and my other roommate and we started to run as fast as we could. I could feel the heat behind me as the flames from the burning jet fuel began to engulf the area where we were standing. As we could feel the heat on our backs getting closer to us we suddenly dove behind a garbage dumpster and hugged the ground. We didn't know if the burning fuel would come over the dumpster, but it was all that was there to cover us.  When we heard the fuel splatter on the dumpster, we got up and witnessed what can only be described as a war zone. On that day, my roommate was his brother's keeper – he saved our lives!"

A Few Moments Of Privacy

June 28, 2006


In the photographer's own words: "In the few moments before the bride and groom were going to head to the cocktail hour, they stopped in their cottage to freshen up while I waited outside to give them a few moments of privacy together. I couldn't help but take a picture when I noticed this moment beginning to happen in the corner of my eye." Anne Ruthmann,


June 27, 2006


This photograph comes from Stephen & Jennifer Bebb of Tying The Knot Photography.

In the photographer’s own words: When Dana walked down the aisle towards Stuart, you could see the passion they shared. It was evident in how tightly they held each other’s hands and in the way they kept stealing glances during the ceremony. So when the photo shoot began, I knew there was chemistry between them. For this moment, I asked Stuart to nuzzle Dana’s neck. She turned to him with that look on her face and I knew that I had just witnessed magic. This is what wedding photography is about, for me, finding the truth of a love. You can see more of our work at and check out the Dana & Stuart’s entire wedding here.

Race to the Reception

June 26, 2006


Nam Nguyn of BTO Photography took this photograph. In the photographer’s own words: This was a great moment after all of the post-ceremony pictures were taken. We were all in the middle of a giant field since the wedding was outside at a beautiful ranch in GA. I psyched everyone up and started running ahead towards the cars to go to the reception… and I turned around and squatted just in time to catch this. The expressions on EVERYONE’S faces are priceless. One of my favorite pictures taken so far! You can view more of my work at


June 25, 2006


International wedding photographer Sean Azul does his best to capture expressions that others may dismiss. "Sometimes a micro-second speaks volumes. I caught this look on Vivian's face as she glanced back at the bridesmaids trailing behind her. The thoughful look that she gave them as she considered married life has become one of my favorites."

A Different Bridal Portrait

June 24, 2006

Austin wedding photojournalist Eric Hegwer went a different direction with this beautiful bride during her bridal portraits. "I'm not afraid to take a few risks during a shoot. One always turns out fantastic and my clients love it" states Eric.

Upon seeing the shot Mandy exclaimed "My Photographer ROCKS!"

Markie Ross (my son’s best friend)

June 23, 2006


In the photographer's own words: This is 5 year old Mark – he’s my son’s best friend. This photo was taken during a shoot I did of him and his sister in their home. In terms of set up, it was really very easy. Mark is sitting just inside a doorway, with this beautiful natural light flooding in, and that’s it – the only post production is colour correction, a little sharpening and blemish removal. I love the composition of this picture – it’s a style I use a lot, with acres of empty space, which really helps the subject stand out. You can see more of my work at, Mark Miller Photography.

A Moment of Bliss

June 22, 2006


Southern California Wedding Photographer Greg Bumatay caught a moment of bliss between Cherry and Trent. This moment exemplifies their special day, as it could not have been any more ideal. It had just rained the night before so the skies were dotted with clouds, the air was crisp, and the landscape was picture perfect. The Falkner Winery was the perfect setting for this young couple's day to unfold.


June 21, 2006


This photograph is from Edmonton Photographer, Chris Uglanica. With a light touch in posing, Chris captured this shot which the bride has come to refer to as "THE shot of David and I". Chris' style shines through the processing and depiction of this tender moment. His use of leading lines, coupled with burned in areas of the photograph all serve to make this an "Awesome Photograph".

Inquisitive Father Of The Bride

June 20, 2006


Here is a photograph by Orlando Photographer, Garrett Nudd. Garrett captured this photo of the father of the bride wondering what the bride and bridesmaids were looking at out the window. The perfect timing of her looking back at him and the tremendous position of the father's pensive look in the mirror makes this an awesome photograph.