Markie Ross (my son’s best friend)



In the photographer's own words: This is 5 year old Mark – he’s my son’s best friend. This photo was taken during a shoot I did of him and his sister in their home. In terms of set up, it was really very easy. Mark is sitting just inside a doorway, with this beautiful natural light flooding in, and that’s it – the only post production is colour correction, a little sharpening and blemish removal. I love the composition of this picture – it’s a style I use a lot, with acres of empty space, which really helps the subject stand out. You can see more of my work at, Mark Miller Photography.


6 Responses to “Markie Ross (my son’s best friend)”

  1. cuphotography Says:

    Mark, what a wonderful portrait! This truly is an awesome photograph. I bet that his parents were absolutely thrilled with seeing this in print.

  2. Mark Miller Says:

    Hi – thank you very much. Yes, they were really pleased – it looks beautiful as a 30×20 on metallic paper.

  3. Samuel Barr Says:

    Hi Mark, wow I bet it did! This is a great great portrait! You are the man!

  4. Abhijit Says:

    i could not take my eyes of the photo for a long time…

  5. Mark Miller Says:

    Thanks Sam

    Thank you Abhijit – they are quite entrancing.

  6. Om Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Really a great photograph you had taken,sprinkling natural emotions
    Good job……….keep doing well
    n hey Merry X-mas

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