Out Of The Box Photography



Today’s awesome photograph comes from Me Ra Koh, Me Ra Koh Photography. Not only is the photograph awesome, so is the story!

In the photographer’s own words: We had a fun wedding this last weekend for a bride that was not only a client but a good friend. They got married at this cute place called the Schmidt House. And the property people kept saying, “The rose garden is open!” I don’t know about you, but I love roses…but rose “bushes” not so much. smile.gif I figured we were going to get a ton of stuff throughout the day on location, so the couple let us go across the street where we found an abadoned garbage dumpster (blue wall inspired by the amazing Nudd’s!) and a run down brewery. Perfect for out of the box stuff.

The best part was when this random lady walked up to us and said something like, Why would you be shooting a beautiful bride in the middle of garbage and rubble? You got to love this job when people say stuff like that! smile.gif


2 Responses to “Out Of The Box Photography”

  1. cuphotography Says:

    Me Ra…Wow, the processing, angle and bride’s genuine beauty and emotion all work together in this shot.

    Fabulous work! Can’t wait to see more of your work.

  2. jimcook Says:

    Yes it does Chris — but I love the story and the random lady asking the question. What fun!

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