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Infrared Photography

July 31, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph is from me, Jim Cook.  This is an infrared photograph I took using a relatively old digital camera (Canon Powershot G1) and an infrared filter (Hoya R72).  While it looks like this photo was taken in the winter, it was actually taken in the summer!   There was some photoshop enhancements performed on the picture, like swapping the R and B channels, to improve the look of the photo. If you would like to see more of the infrared pictures I have taken, you can view this infrared slideshow.


Finally Married!

July 30, 2006

Yogi Lo of Yogi Lo Images provides us with an awesome concluding photograph to the one from Monday and shows how breaking the rules can work by shooting in broken shade/sunny areas.

Stian & Trish were excited that one of their shots from the impromptu engagement shoot was highlighted here on Monday, the day of their wedding. Their plans to get married on a nice stretch of sandy beach at Spanish Banks in Vancouver was dashed when part of that beach was closed off for a movie shoot. So, they had to settle for a small picnic area and where there were tons of rocks on the beach front. It was a beautiful afternoon so perfect for this couple. When it came to photographing Trish & Stian, they are like a pair of contemporary dancers. They will pose as instructed and they do it perfectly but since they are so into each other the best pics come from when they so naturally embrace each other. This picture is one of them. We photographers learn not to photograph in broken shade/sunny areas but I am so glad I did for this one. I love how that spot of the sunny area acted like a spotlight while the shade is the stage with the lights dimmed.

A Simple Dress

July 29, 2006


This awesome photograph comes to us from Candace Coughlin of Candy’s Photography based in Minnesota.

In the photographer’s own words: My niece Chelsea had a week to plan her wedding as they were informed that her fiance was going to Iraq, they didn’t have much money, so this was the only dress they could afford. The wedding was in a park and I shot it for free. When they saw their album, they had a hard time believing that such beautiful memories were made with little or no planning!

The Lessons Of Life

July 28, 2006


This is the 2nd awesome photograph that Samuel Barr had published on Awesome Photographs. To view more of Sam’s incredible work, check out his blog at .

In the photographer’s own words: Shortly after I purchased my camera there was a store grand opening in the shopping mall adjacent to our offices.  While photographing the VIPs and the audience I noticed this security guard standing by himself against one of the fire exits.  He had such a powerful expression on his face that I just had to capture him on film.  Interestingly, despite taking a long time to focus and using my flash he never moved nor changed his expression.  His face tells the story of his life – all of the highs and all of the lows can be seen in the texture of each wrinkle.  After the event was over I looked for him but he was gone.  Can you imagine the stories and life lessons he could share?  This image has become one of my favorite portraits and I hope it speaks to you as his expression spoke to me that day.

Hang Ten

July 27, 2006


Today’s awesome wedding image comes to us from Tim Co., an Orlando Wedding Photographer.

In the photographer’s own words: Details really make the wedding and Jessica and Travis’s wedding was definitely a true example of that. Her loving family had the surfboard you see in the picture custom designed by LOST Surf Enterprises to complete their amazing yet very non traditional day. Although Jessica didn’t cry when she saw the groom for a photo shoot before the wedding, she bawled when she saw this surprise gift from her family custom engraved with a logo for their wedding she designed. After she regained composure Orange County Wedding Photographers Greg Bumatay, Jasmine Star and I wandered out to the rear of Casa Romantica to shoot this image!

Editor’s Note: Check out Jasmine’s blog. Not only is she an amazingly talented photographer, but her writing ability is out of this world.

After Glow

July 26, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Rodrick Rhoads of Happily Everlasting based in Edmond Oklahoma.

In the photographer’s own words: I shot this shortly after the couple’s outdoor ceremony a few weeks ago. We were waiting for some of the family to come around the mansion for portraits and the groom decided to pick up his new wife. Everything was perfect and I started shooting! The unexpected opportunities are always the best! FYI- It is the bride and groom initials on the bottom of her shoes.

California Dreaming

July 25, 2006


This awesome photograph comes to us from Drew Newhard-Bittel of DrewB photography based in Orange County California.

In the photographer’s words: Living in Orange County, I have the opportunity to photograph amazing sunsets. This couple saw some sunset shots I did back in February and it was on their “must have” list. We tried to schedule it in June, but all of you Californian’s know about “June Gloom”. We postponed their shoot 3 times because of it and decided to wait until the end of July when we were guaranteed a great sunset. It was worth the wait! I love getting the reflections in the wet sand and having the couple stand right in front of the sun so it glows behind them and creates a perfect silhouette. There’s not much you can do wrong with such a beautiful backdrop! View more at

Absence Makes The Heart Grows Fonder

July 24, 2006

There is a little flare in today’s awesome photograph from Yogi Lo of Yogi Lo Images.

In the photographer’s own words: Stian (the groom) has just literally stepped out from a flight from London half an hour ago and we went to Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC, Canada to check out the site of the casual wedding. (It’s today). I hesitated in doing a impromtu engagement shoot but he said he was ok. Trish & Stian haven’t seen each other for a month and these two lovebirds were so into each other, kissing & hugging every second. I use a Canon 20D but I was playing with Trish’s stepdad’s Nikon D70 and a wide angle lens. It was then Trish & Stian started kissing – unposed and spontaneous. I saw the sun rays and just clicked. This is one of my favourites from that day.

A Story To Tell

July 23, 2006


Our awesome photo of the day comes from Mark Lydell of Lydell Photography located in Roseville California.

In the photographer’s own words: This one was special for a few reasons. We shot their engagement session out at this same site, which is a bed & breakfast in the country with a great view of a lake on their property, an old road with an old shack, swing sets, and many other photo spots. When we did their engagement session, one of the series of pictures they really liked was of them walking down a road from the back. Before the wedding, my wife and I both said we wanted to get a shot of them walking down the road again, but in their wedding clothes. Well, at the end of the wedding while we were taking their shots, we asked them if they had any pics in mind they wanted, and she said she wanted to get a pic of them walking down the road! It’s great when the client gets involved in the shoot – when they have a particular picture in mind it not only gets them involved in the creativity process, but now they also have a story to tell when they see the picture.

The View from the Pipes

July 22, 2006


Today we are very pleased to announce that St. Louis based wedding photographer Dan Watkins, of Daniel J Watkins Photography, has joined our editorial staff. Dan is not only a highly accomplished photographer, but he is also the editor of Daily Photo Tips which provides excellent tips and advice for taking better photographs. It is only appropriate that we mark this occasion by displaying one of his awesome photographs. This one with a very unique perspective for sure. Welcome Dan!

In Dan’s own words: This image was taken at one of the oldest churches in St. Louis — in a very popular Italian neighborhood called “The Hill.” The primary organist was unavailable for this wedding and the back-up organist was hospitalized just a few days before the ceremony. The “third string” organist who played this wedding told me he hadn’t played a pipe organ for a church wedding in almost 20 years (he played beautifully though). Knowing this, I couldn’t resist the temptation to hold my camera up over the top of the organ to get a shot of him with the wedding ceremony in the background. I used a Canon EOS 5D with a 15mm fisheye lens — as you can probably tell from his expression, I don’t think he realized I was including him in this shot!

On The Porch

July 21, 2006


Christopher Grisanti of Christopher Grisanti Photography provide us with today’ awesome photograph.

In the photographer’s own words: Despite the fact that nearly 100% of my photography has been digital for the past few years, I decided to make some images with an old Polaroid camera and some b&w instant film. My sons grudgingly gave me the opportunity to fire off a few frames. I scanned the Polaroid prints and made some minor adjustments in Photoshop. There’s still something about the look and feel of film that’s completely unique, and I enjoyed the momentary diversion from my digital cameras.

A Diamond Is Forever

July 20, 2006


This is our 1st month anniversary and to celebrate the event we have an awesome photograph from renowned internationally-awarded fashion and wedding photojournalist, Liana Lehman of Liana Photography based in Atlanta. Liana is also an in-demand international lecturer with her quickly sold out xtreme! seminars. To learn more about Liana you can visit the Liana TV multimedia web site.

In the photographer’s own words: Jodi and Matt got married up in NYC this May and had a huge reception back in one of Atlanta’s newest nightclubs the following weekend. They flew me up to New York for the small ceremony and the three of us ventured out in a stretch limo for some photos before their intimate rooftop ceremony. The driver let us out close to Central Park and I strayed behind the couple to change out my lens and let them enjoy the breezy, perfect air and mild sun as we walked to the park entrance. This moment was almost gone before I realized it – the picture a consequence of ‘subconscious’ awareness, quick reaction, and luck. I flew back to Atlanta that night and shot another wedding that weekend and didn’t really spot this image until the following week. What my ‘subconscious’ initiated is now one of my favorite images from this very unique wedding – I get comments every day that “this picture reminds me of that amazing Diamond commercial with the two generations walking in the park!” While I didn’t anticipate it at the time I must agree. From the De Beers “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign – “There are two things in the world that last longer than time. Love is one of them.

Kissing and Telling!

July 19, 2006


Bay area photographer Jillian Cocklin of jilliankay photography provided today’s awesome photograph.

In the photographer’s own words: When I first met Lisa and Mike for their engagement session I asked “how adventurous of a couple are you?” Lucky for me they were up for any photo adventure I had in mind! Halfway through the shoot Lisa got a crazy look on her face and said “Hey, can we make out in the backseat of my car?” They jumped right in and I started snapping away at a truly spontaneous and “real” moment. Of course, 60 seconds later they were giggling way too much to continue! We left the car and went back to our regularly scheduled program. When editing later that night, however, I was really excited to find this steamy photo gem!

More photos from this e-session can be found on Jillian’s journal.

Sunset Alone (Almost)

July 18, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph is from Edmonton Photographer, Chris Uglanica.

In the photographer’s own words: One of Karolina’s “must have” shots was a silhouette shot of her with Matt on their wedding day. After an incredibly fast paced day of shooting, we’d almost forgotten about this series of shots, until it was almost too late. Taken at 10:21 at night, we fired off a series of silhouette shots, and then I had the inspiration to pull out my 550EX and slave it to my Canon 20D w/ST-E2 Transmitter. A rapid series of shots yielded this incredible shot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


July 17, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Will Delfino of WD Snapshots Photography.

In the photographer’s own words: This photograph was taken in Downtown Vancouver. The couple, after being wed in a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony and attire, also wanted to be photographed in more typical white gown and tux. Although the 2pm sun was challenging to work in for this shoot, we were able to capture this picture without blowing out the highlights.