Today’s awesome photo comes to us from Chris & Lynn Jaksa of Chris+Lynn Photographers.

In the photographer’s own words: During Grant & Christine’s ceremony, the skies were dark and we could hear the thunder echoing throughout the hall. But right after their walk down the aisle as husband and wife, the clouds suddenly cleared and the most beautiful light shone down on the park beside their venue. The couple wandered amongst the trees, laughing, murmuring, and kissing together while we caught it from afar with our long lenses. What I like about this shot is the way the trees’ branches and shadows frame the couple. And the rays of sunlight from above seem to accentuate this tender moment between two newlyweds so in love. You can see more images from this sequence in the second weddings gallery of our portfolio at www.chrispluslynn.com as well as our most recent work on our Chris+Lynn Photographers blog.


3 Responses to “Tenderness”

  1. cuphotography Says:

    Chris and Lynn, WOW, what an amazing capture! I truly LOVE this shot, and the space you gave the couple to just do what was natural.

    If you ever want a tagalong from the prairies, I’d come shoot with you both in a heartbeat!

  2. Bené Weems Says:

    I visited your website. Your work is great.

  3. Fabian Says:

    This is an awesome shot! I love the light and composition of this image!

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