A Bizarre Moment



People have asked me when I am going to post one of my wedding photographs, so here it is. This is a photograph of a poor bridesmaid being “worked on” by the other bridesmaids just before the ceremony was to start. Her zipper broke and she had to be sewn into her dress. This is something you don’t see everyday at a wedding and capturing it is something photojournalistic wedding photographers strive to capture. It is probably one of the most memorable moments for me from that wedding.


6 Responses to “A Bizarre Moment”

  1. Lynn Jaksa Says:

    True PJ – so rare! And so cool to see the truly real moments in wedding photography. Great angle so low to the floor.

  2. Jim Cook Says:

    Hey Lynn — thank you so much for your kind comments. You rock!

  3. Samuel Barr Says:

    Jim, this is good stuffmy man! She looks like she was in pain?

  4. Jim Cook Says:

    Thanks Sam. She was not in pain. She was certainly embarrassed but more than anything, I think she was holding her breath in order to squeeze into the tight fitting dress so they could sew it up very tight.

  5. photographer Says:

    Good capture Jimbo! I love the story, but it’s the image that makes it remarkable – it’s a story with great composition, lighting, emotion, everything. Right on!

  6. Garrett Nudd Says:

    Great shot Jim. Way to get down in there…LOL.That was indeed a tense moment.

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