Kissing and Telling!



Bay area photographer Jillian Cocklin of jilliankay photography provided today’s awesome photograph.

In the photographer’s own words: When I first met Lisa and Mike for their engagement session I asked “how adventurous of a couple are you?” Lucky for me they were up for any photo adventure I had in mind! Halfway through the shoot Lisa got a crazy look on her face and said “Hey, can we make out in the backseat of my car?” They jumped right in and I started snapping away at a truly spontaneous and “real” moment. Of course, 60 seconds later they were giggling way too much to continue! We left the car and went back to our regularly scheduled program. When editing later that night, however, I was really excited to find this steamy photo gem!

More photos from this e-session can be found on Jillian’s journal.


4 Responses to “Kissing and Telling!”

  1. Bumatay Says:

    Hey Jillian – That’s one HOT moment! Good capture and I love the colors and lighting and composition and actually everything about it! I’m sure that couple love seeing their pics.

  2. cuphotography Says:

    Heya Jillian,

    I love love LOVE this photograph! Your tone, a touch of motion blur, and the beautiful light streaming in through the back window make this one absoutely memorable for me.

    Keep on pushing yourself. I love seeing couples get this relaxed around their photographer. I love it even more, when they are MY couples this relaxed, haha!

    Take care, and God bless.

  3. Mark Says:

    Great photo and history. A photo always means so much more when you know the history behind it. It makes the photo deeper and gives it a texture you never saw before.

    Great way to be looking for the opportunity to bring your client INTO the photo session. It makes me realize how I need to be looking more for those cues on how to involve the client into the photo so they also have a story to tell when they see it!


  4. JillianKay Says:

    Thanks everyone, I was lucky to have such a relaxed and fun couple to work with!

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