A Diamond Is Forever



This is our 1st month anniversary and to celebrate the event we have an awesome photograph from renowned internationally-awarded fashion and wedding photojournalist, Liana Lehman of Liana Photography based in Atlanta. Liana is also an in-demand international lecturer with her quickly sold out xtreme! seminars. To learn more about Liana you can visit the Liana TV multimedia web site.

In the photographer’s own words: Jodi and Matt got married up in NYC this May and had a huge reception back in one of Atlanta’s newest nightclubs the following weekend. They flew me up to New York for the small ceremony and the three of us ventured out in a stretch limo for some photos before their intimate rooftop ceremony. The driver let us out close to Central Park and I strayed behind the couple to change out my lens and let them enjoy the breezy, perfect air and mild sun as we walked to the park entrance. This moment was almost gone before I realized it – the picture a consequence of ‘subconscious’ awareness, quick reaction, and luck. I flew back to Atlanta that night and shot another wedding that weekend and didn’t really spot this image until the following week. What my ‘subconscious’ initiated is now one of my favorite images from this very unique wedding – I get comments every day that “this picture reminds me of that amazing Diamond commercial with the two generations walking in the park!” While I didn’t anticipate it at the time I must agree. From the De Beers “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign – “There are two things in the world that last longer than time. Love is one of them.


6 Responses to “A Diamond Is Forever”

  1. TJ Says:

    this is such a great image! well done liana.

    it’s strange… i often find myself going back through images and it’s the second or third time around when i spot the emblematic meaning in them.

  2. photographer Says:

    Wow Liana

    what a perfect moment captured! It’s intriguing how the two couples walk past each other, and you can see there’s a connection. It’s like a glimpse into the future for the younger couple, and seeing this image makes me want to see their story unfold.

    When you saw this image it must have been like finding hiddenn treasure!

  3. Mark Says:

    A great subconscious shot!! I love it when we capture moments we didnt intend on getting…this is a great pic, and one that makes me realize that . there may be love at first sight, but true romance is developed over decades…

    Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Christopher Says:

    My first reaction to the image (before reading your statement) was that it reminded me of that diamond commercial, which is already a timeless classic! What a great shot. I love it!

  5. cuphotography Says:

    Liana, I absolutely ADORE this image of yours. What a timeless and classic shot! I am sure they will love this photograph for many years to come.

  6. Samuel Barr Says:

    This is truly a classic, and I just love hearing that small still voice as it directs us. Please promise us you’ll put this in a gallery for all to see and enjoy!

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