The View from the Pipes



Today we are very pleased to announce that St. Louis based wedding photographer Dan Watkins, of Daniel J Watkins Photography, has joined our editorial staff. Dan is not only a highly accomplished photographer, but he is also the editor of Daily Photo Tips which provides excellent tips and advice for taking better photographs. It is only appropriate that we mark this occasion by displaying one of his awesome photographs. This one with a very unique perspective for sure. Welcome Dan!

In Dan’s own words: This image was taken at one of the oldest churches in St. Louis — in a very popular Italian neighborhood called “The Hill.” The primary organist was unavailable for this wedding and the back-up organist was hospitalized just a few days before the ceremony. The “third string” organist who played this wedding told me he hadn’t played a pipe organ for a church wedding in almost 20 years (he played beautifully though). Knowing this, I couldn’t resist the temptation to hold my camera up over the top of the organ to get a shot of him with the wedding ceremony in the background. I used a Canon EOS 5D with a 15mm fisheye lens — as you can probably tell from his expression, I don’t think he realized I was including him in this shot!


4 Responses to “The View from the Pipes”

  1. Bumatay Says:

    Awesome perspective and I love the expression on his face!

  2. Mark Says:

    I love it!!

    Great perspective, and the story behind it makes it even better.

  3. ROB Says:

    This is a view most dont get to see. Great scene, and excellent exposure too to have kept the entire scene visible.

  4. cuphotography Says:

    Dan, what a unique shot and perspective! You are seriously making me pine for a 5D to go with my 15mm fisheye! Keep up the great work.

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