A Story To Tell



Our awesome photo of the day comes from Mark Lydell of Lydell Photography located in Roseville California.

In the photographer’s own words: This one was special for a few reasons. We shot their engagement session out at this same site, which is a bed & breakfast in the country with a great view of a lake on their property, an old road with an old shack, swing sets, and many other photo spots. When we did their engagement session, one of the series of pictures they really liked was of them walking down a road from the back. Before the wedding, my wife and I both said we wanted to get a shot of them walking down the road again, but in their wedding clothes. Well, at the end of the wedding while we were taking their shots, we asked them if they had any pics in mind they wanted, and she said she wanted to get a pic of them walking down the road! It’s great when the client gets involved in the shoot – when they have a particular picture in mind it not only gets them involved in the creativity process, but now they also have a story to tell when they see the picture.


One Response to “A Story To Tell”

  1. JillianKay Says:

    oh, how neat would it be to have both of the photos framed and hung in the same location…and in 50 years have a third taken in the same spot!

    (assuming it’s not a parkinglot by then.)

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