California Dreaming



This awesome photograph comes to us from Drew Newhard-Bittel of DrewB photography based in Orange County California.

In the photographer’s words: Living in Orange County, I have the opportunity to photograph amazing sunsets. This couple saw some sunset shots I did back in February and it was on their “must have” list. We tried to schedule it in June, but all of you Californian’s know about “June Gloom”. We postponed their shoot 3 times because of it and decided to wait until the end of July when we were guaranteed a great sunset. It was worth the wait! I love getting the reflections in the wet sand and having the couple stand right in front of the sun so it glows behind them and creates a perfect silhouette. There’s not much you can do wrong with such a beautiful backdrop! View more at


6 Responses to “California Dreaming”

  1. Dan Watkins Says:

    Great shot Drew. You make it look and sound easy to capture great shots like this…but we all know better! 🙂

  2. cuphotography Says:

    Drew, what a fabulous shot! You have a fantastic eye and perspective going on here, coupled with an incredible control of your exposure. I love this photograph!

  3. Bumatay Says:

    That’s the most beautiful sunset kiss ever! Way to go Drew – can’t wait to be shooting with you next weekend – ooh ya!

    Another truly ‘awesome photograph’!!!!!!!!!

  4. Samuel Barr Says:

    This is simply wonderful, what a shot! Drew, you nailed this one, excellent work – as always!

  5. ciama Says:


  6. faya Says:

    absolutely magnificant…you r the bomb..Drew..

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