After Glow



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Rodrick Rhoads of Happily Everlasting based in Edmond Oklahoma.

In the photographer’s own words: I shot this shortly after the couple’s outdoor ceremony a few weeks ago. We were waiting for some of the family to come around the mansion for portraits and the groom decided to pick up his new wife. Everything was perfect and I started shooting! The unexpected opportunities are always the best! FYI- It is the bride and groom initials on the bottom of her shoes.


3 Responses to “After Glow”

  1. cuphotography Says:

    I’m awestruck, looking at this photograph.

    Your control of light, composition and colour are outstanding! GREAT shot, I am sure that this couple absolutely love it!

  2. Dan Watkins Says:

    Very creative capture of the intials on the shoes…nice way to include the emotion of the bride and groom.

    I know Garrett Nudd will appreciate this one! šŸ™‚

  3. Bumatay Says:

    I love the captured light! Everything is working together nicely – the lighting, colors, and emotion. The initials under her shoes are a cute touch.

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