The Lessons Of Life



This is the 2nd awesome photograph that Samuel Barr had published on Awesome Photographs. To view more of Sam’s incredible work, check out his blog at .

In the photographer’s own words: Shortly after I purchased my camera there was a store grand opening in the shopping mall adjacent to our offices.  While photographing the VIPs and the audience I noticed this security guard standing by himself against one of the fire exits.  He had such a powerful expression on his face that I just had to capture him on film.  Interestingly, despite taking a long time to focus and using my flash he never moved nor changed his expression.  His face tells the story of his life – all of the highs and all of the lows can be seen in the texture of each wrinkle.  After the event was over I looked for him but he was gone.  Can you imagine the stories and life lessons he could share?  This image has become one of my favorite portraits and I hope it speaks to you as his expression spoke to me that day.


3 Responses to “The Lessons Of Life”

  1. Dan Watkins Says:

    Sam — that’s a great Life Magazine style shot. What a great eye to catch this image in the midst of the hoopla. Great work!

  2. Samuel Barr Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you and I have help! Be blessed and keep shooting!

  3. Katya Says:

    A wonderful photograph, one full with the kind of storytelling that I love to see in a portrait. Great selection!

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