Finally Married!


Yogi Lo of Yogi Lo Images provides us with an awesome concluding photograph to the one from Monday and shows how breaking the rules can work by shooting in broken shade/sunny areas.

Stian & Trish were excited that one of their shots from the impromptu engagement shoot was highlighted here on Monday, the day of their wedding. Their plans to get married on a nice stretch of sandy beach at Spanish Banks in Vancouver was dashed when part of that beach was closed off for a movie shoot. So, they had to settle for a small picnic area and where there were tons of rocks on the beach front. It was a beautiful afternoon so perfect for this couple. When it came to photographing Trish & Stian, they are like a pair of contemporary dancers. They will pose as instructed and they do it perfectly but since they are so into each other the best pics come from when they so naturally embrace each other. This picture is one of them. We photographers learn not to photograph in broken shade/sunny areas but I am so glad I did for this one. I love how that spot of the sunny area acted like a spotlight while the shade is the stage with the lights dimmed.


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