Infrared Photography



Today’s awesome photograph is from me, Jim Cook.  This is an infrared photograph I took using a relatively old digital camera (Canon Powershot G1) and an infrared filter (Hoya R72).  While it looks like this photo was taken in the winter, it was actually taken in the summer!   There was some photoshop enhancements performed on the picture, like swapping the R and B channels, to improve the look of the photo. If you would like to see more of the infrared pictures I have taken, you can view this infrared slideshow.


7 Responses to “Infrared Photography”

  1. Art Fernandez Says:

    I love the dreamy effect of the IR with the foliage agaist the blue sky. That is one of the things I love about color infrared. Most of the infrared I did back in the film days was in B&W and had high grain.

    This shot really carries the infrared effect well.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I love this photo. In fact I am so obsessed with it that as soon as I leave this page I am finding out where I can buy this filter. I stop using IR when I left my darkroom, but it’s about to make a comeback…

  3. Jim Cook Says:

    Awesome. Just be careful about which camera you put the IR filter on. Some (well most) of the newer digital cameras have excellent IR blocking ability. The powershot G1 is one of the better cameras for IR without any modifications. Some of the newer digital cameras can be modified for IR capability, but that is all it can shoot after the modification.

  4. Rachel Says:

    so I bought the filter and finally figured out how to swap channels but I can only seem to get variations of red… no color. 😦 I am using the canon eos 20D and have checked other photo galleries online and it’s totally possible… i guess I am just missing a step or something. Do you know if there is a particular setting?

  5. Jim Cook Says:

    I think the 20D has a good ir filter and that may be your cause. Here is a link that may help you out with your workflow:

  6. Chris Humphreys Says:

    So how do you swap the channels?

  7. Chris Humphreys Says:

    Sweet image by the way!! I love the colors!

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