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Field Of Dreams 2

August 31, 2006


This awesome photograph is from Edmonton Wedding Photographer, Chris Uglanica.  As the title implies, this photo is building on his previous submission Field Of Dreams.  In the photographer’s own words:

I had such a blast with Lindsay and Derek on their wedding day.  We had met up a few days before the wedding to help them get comfortable in front of the camera, and boy did that work well!  On their wedding day, Lindsay and Derek were totally at ease, and trusted where I was going with certain things throughout the day.  Not being able to see what the shot is setting up like must be really hard for our couples, but the look on their faces when they do see the shots is so worth it.

For this shot, we were losing daylight quickly.  As we were located down in a valley for the reception, the sun was already behind the top of the hill, so we had a good amount of ambient light still.  I convinced Lindsay and Derek to take a walk out into this wonderful, ready for harvest wheat field, and we got to work.  After showing Derek the finer points of a proper “dip”, we fired off a string of shots, resulting in this one.


Everlasting Love

August 30, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Toronto photographer, Kevin Hoang of Kevin Syn Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

This photo was actually accidently captured but became one of my favorite photographs. The picture to me symbolizes the start of a new love and the reunion of an old one. It captures the parents of the groom reaching out for each other after the vows were exchanged and just captured a very powerful moment. My website is if you want to view the entire series.

Motion Blur

August 29, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Chicago based photographer Andrew Krowczyk of John Andrews Photography. You can also see more of Andew’s work on his blog. Here is what Andew said about his photograph.

While shooting a recent wedding, I couldn’t help but notice the flower girl running around twirling her dress at the reception. I was intentionally dragging the shutter to try to capture the motion. I think it turned out quite well!


August 28, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Bentley Gray of Bentley Gray Photography which is based on Boaz Alabama.

This is from a recent senior shoot with Sara. She’s so much fun…you know she was dying to get in that fountain. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t…I’ll never tell! This was one of the coolest senior sessions I’ve done in a while. We were at the beach in Seacrest Florida, so we did some beach shots as well as some shots around town. This image was made right outside our condo at The Village of South Walton. Sara has studied dance all her life so she’s a natural poser, plus she’s tall so that always helps. I’ve known her for quite a while and was honored when she asked me to shoot her seniors. You can see more of my senior portraits at my website

Leaving The Church

August 25, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Genevieve Nisly, of Genevieve Nisly Photography which is based in Canton Ohio. In the photographer’s own words.

This photo was captured right after the couple and family exited the church, at the end of the ceremony. The wind picked up so the bride held on tight to her dress and veil. Meanwhile the groom is off to the left grinning and face to the wind. The bride’s Dad is at the top of the stairs overlooking the whole scene. I love the contrast of her light flowing dress and the dark geometric architecture. What makes the photo even more meaningful to me was James’ (my husband and business partner) reaction; he called it one of our best photos to date.

Stairway to Bliss

August 24, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Teressa Mahoney of Forever Yours Wedding Photography based in Castle Rock, Colorado. In the photographer’s own words.

This was taken in July 2006. Autumn and Ryan had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony and then we went across the street to the old courthouse in Pueblo, Colorado for the bridal party pics. They had these beautiful columns and stairs that you just don’t see in the modern buildings. My partner was taking some close ups of the couple and I just caught this one as I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I love the warm romantic feel of the image–I can almost feel the love they share. You can check out some of our other images on our website.

One Light – Really!

August 23, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Colleen Donovan, of Colleen Donovan Photography that is based in Moses Lake, Washington. In the photographer’s own words:

This picture is from a recent wedding that I did at a local winery. The venue is gorgeous and I was having lots of fun taking advantage of the great light during the day while everyone was getting ready. The ceremony was even better because it was during the ‘golden hour’. Yay!! Then we get to the reception. As it got darker and darker I kept wondering when they were going to turn the hundreds of twinkle lights on that they have strung up around the reception area. The girl from the venue had put up this glaring, icky flourescent spotlight thing. Apparently the maintenance people hadn’t fixed whatever was wrong with the twinkle lights and the venue person coudn’t figure them out either. So. There we were with one light. I was sick to my stomach. It was so dark my camera wouldn’t focus so I worked my rear off to get what I could. In this picture I was trying to take advantage of the situation. The grooms father was making a toast and telling everyone what a great girl the bride was and I think she was a little embarrassed.

Her Eyes

August 22, 2006


Bob Sutton, of BTO Photography, which is based in Peachtree City Georgia, took today’s awesome photograph. In the photographer’s own words:

I was in the right place at the right time. She was getting ready next to an open window and I took some quick shots. When you have a beautiful subject, it is easy to capture a beautiful image.


August 21, 2006


Here is another awesome photograph from United Kingdom photograher Mark Miller of Mark Miller Photography.

In the photographer’s own words: I had a commission to shoot 10 Grandchildren, ranging in age from 22 down to 2. This is Amber the 2 year old. We set up in a field full of dandelions and after taking some group shots, I left the kids to play whilst I wandered round and took some more informal shots. Amber was such a cutie it was pretty much impossible to take a bad picture of her. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself to photograph the other kids as well. And the icing on the cake – we had a half day session, outside, during the British summer and it didn’t rain – AMAZING!!


August 18, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Indiana photographer Kevin Swan. In the photographer’s own words:

She was getting dressed and there was this staircase, see; and so I climbed the stair case and took the photo. I thought it was fun because of the high black/white contrast with the window and their dresses. It was a fun candid moment. I yelled at the bride to look up at me for a shot directly after, which she did, but it was nowhere near as interesting to me.


August 17, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Wilmington North Carolina Photographer Millie Holloman of Exposed Vision. In the photographer’s own words:

I took this photo towards the end of an engagement session. I had the opportunity to work with the coolest couple ever and the conditions just played out perfect! We had spent most of the evening at a local shopping strip and decided to ride around and find somewhere else to shoot before stopping for dinner. As we were riding around, it started pouring down rain. I asked them if they would mind getting wet and they loved my idea so we looked for a sheltered area I could stand with my camera. I had them pull into an empty bank parking lot, I told them to leave their headlight on for some extra light and then I covered the camera and ran for the sheltered drive-thru teller area. I shot this image with my 5D and my 70-200mm lens at 1600 film speed. The I used Showit Effects to punch it and viola, looks like it is straight out of a movie! This has to be my all time favorite shot of recent! For more work check out my site at


August 16, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from New York wedding photographer Frank DiMeo. One of Frank’s wedding images recently took the Grand Prize in the Top Knots wedding photography contest. I have long been an admirer of Frank’s work and especially his use of light. Here is the story behind the photograph in Frank’s own words.

I was stoked about shooting with Jess because she loved my work and had some photography experience including an Aunt that is a professional photographer. When I arrived they had the dress hanging in a really cool place so I shot it and then suggested we move it to where this photo was taken. It took some rearranging of furniture, and cleaning up around the location but Jess was all for it because I explained what I had in mind.
Her Mom walked in and was wondering where I was. We couldn’t move the bed any further than we did and I needed a little more room so I was under the bed taking the photo. When she saw where I was, she knew I was serious and went out of her way to help me with anything I needed for the rest of the day. It always amazes me how a little act like crawling under the bed for a photo can develop such “trust” with the people you are shooting for.

Bliss (Black and White)

August 15, 2006


See yesterdays post for information about this photograph.


August 14, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Louisiana photographer Mary Beth Conner.

The “spinning bride” was taken around 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening (one of the last shots of the day). Katherine Tolentino has this way of making the brides laugh. They end up just having the best time!!!! It was a pleasure shooting with her that day. I didn’t really intend on shooting anything serious. I had never been to Avery Island to shoot. I had just visited and needed to go back and look at it through photographer eyes when this shot occurred. The 85MM f/2.8 lens (new version) was set a 5.6 Aperture, Shutter 1/160, Exposure -1/3, ISO 100, WB Cloudy.

Katherine converted this image to a B and W and softened it for the print she used. I did something different with it. I used ShowIt Effects and Lomo ed. (Editors Note: Tomorrow we will show the B&W version of the image)

A Moment Together

August 11, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph is by Alexis Achten of Jasmine Photography which is based in Portland, Oregon.

It ended up being a really hot and muggy day on July 8th, 2006. The ceremony and reception were thankfully all inside so no one was suffering from the heat. After everything was over we had some extra time for photographs and headed up to the remains of an old fort. The bride and groom headed up the stairs and before I knew it they were totally engrossed in each other. I love it when my couples forget all about me and just enjoy their time together. They were so happy all day long to finally be getting married to one another; maybe this is the moment they realized it had all come true.