Blown Away



This photograph comes from Jennifer Bebb of Tying The Knot Photography.

In the photographer’s own words: We had spent a fair bit of time with this couple leading up to the wedding day and the one thing we both realized was that she has the most glorious laugh. So, my goal on the wedding day was to make her laugh. For this moment, we had them stand at the top of a a staircase in a really funky part of town. It wasn’t a particularly windy day, but this particular location was in a bit of a wind tunnel. When Ann looked over the railing her hair and veil just started to fly! She ripped her veil out of her hair and started shaking her head around. Both Stephen, and myself were screaming at her to keep shaking her head, keep laughing! The result was just fantastic! For more of our work check out, and to see more of this wedding you can check out their slideshow at password “ann”.


3 Responses to “Blown Away”

  1. Joy Nudd Says:

    Great capture! FUN FUN FUN!

  2. Brent Says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!! Wish there was audio so we could hear her laughter!
    Stunning Bride.

  3. Chris Uglanica Says:

    Jen, this is is such a wonderfully captured moment. You can totally see just how bright, fun and alive this bride is. Fantastic work!

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