Like Kids In A Candy Store



This awesome photograph comes to us from Maine wedding photographer, Brent Deming.

These two children were the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer for the wedding I was second shooting with Louisiana wedding photographer Katherine Tolentino. They were soooo drawn to the candied almonds surrounding the wedding cake! Every now and then one of the parents would see them and come over and chase them off, but it wasn’t long until they would come back un-noticed…except by me. I kind of felt guilty as I watched, talked to them, and took their pictures everytime they came back, almost like I was encouraging them. The young boy was actually holding himself up onto the table with one arm/elbow while feet dangled above the floor when I took this photograph and I thought he might tip the whole thing over…but it was not my place to “interfere”, only “document”!! 🙂


4 Responses to “Like Kids In A Candy Store”

  1. Chris Uglanica Says:

    Brent, I love that you were there to document this action with the kids. They are SO much fun, and I love having kids at the weddings that I photograph. They add so much more to the day, I believe.

    Very well done. And I’m sure you would have done all you could to save the cake, had that table tipped. Or at least been there to document its trip, haha. Nice work.

  2. Brent Says:

    Chris, Yes, I agree completely about kids at weddings! These two provided some fun images throughout the weekend!

    Well i am just glad I was not tested as to wether I would have ditched the camera to save the cake. I think my instincts would have taken over and I would have jumped back with my finger firmly pressed on the shutter 🙂

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Bumatay Says:

    I really love the lighting on this shot. That’s a nice moment captured Brent!

  4. Brent Says:

    Thanks Greg! I appreciate your comment!

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