Pershing Square



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from New York wedding photographer Jason Groupp, of Jason Groupp Photography. I have long been an adimirer of his signature street shots and I am thrilled that he submitted one. I going to have the opportunity to pick his brain about them in person this fall when we are together in Vermont.

In the photographer’s own words:

Photographing brides and grooms on the streets of NYC is one of my passions. Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate….

Our plan was to take a few hours around Manhattan before heading over to the ceremony location. Two days before the wedding my frantic bride called and said the forecast was for torrential downpours all day – would I know of a back up plan? I suggested we head over to Grand Central Station, and if it stopped raining we could always head outside. Of course it never stopped all day long and on our way back to the car I remembered this overpass just outside the doors of the station. To me there is nothing more romantic than a kiss on the wet streets of NYC.

This photo is shot with TMAX 3200 (yes, film!), 1/8 second @ f/2.8 – I don’t shoot film that much anymore, but now and then I really miss my TMAX. No digital camera comes close to this stuff! 🙂


7 Responses to “Pershing Square”

  1. Jen Bebb Says:

    Jason, that is a fantastic shot! I miss my 3200 as well! Beautiful.

  2. jason groupp Says:

    Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, Tmax was a signature thing for me. I miss it sooo much!

  3. Chris Uglanica Says:


    Wow man! that shot is timeless and elegant. I haven’t had the pleasure of shooting b/w film in many many years, but you’re making me want to pick up a roll or two to play around with. GREAT shot sir.

  4. Garrett Nudd Says:

    Killer shot Jason! I love shooting in NYC too, but I’ve never had a bride and groom there. Maybe someday…LOL.

    I can’t wait to hang out with you and Jim (and everyone else0 in Vermont too!

  5. Luke Walker Says:

    Jason and his night shots have been a big inspiration on my work. Jason and I were friends long before OSP or even my own business (or at least what is it now), and he was the first person I saw doing these very cool night shots. Manhattan is obviously the best place for them considering just about every street corner on the Island gives you ample light… but I started incorporating them into my own work when I started seeing how Jason shot.

    The J man continues to be a big influence and someone who I admire. Can’t wait to shoot some more with my main NYC brother!

  6. Bumatay Says:

    Good capture Jason. I love the wet reflections on the street and the lighting. Oh man this shot is so moody – can’t get much more dramatic that this! I totally long to shoot anywhere in NY.

  7. Lynn Jaksa Says:

    A classic. Can’t wait to shoot with you in NYC!

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