Wheat Harvest


Today’s awesome photographs comes to us from Giebelstadt Germany photographer Paula Porter, of Porter Photography. While normally, we only publish one photo a day, these three told a nice little story and we decided to mix things up a little bit and display all three today. Be sure to check out some of her recent work on her blog http://porterphotography.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!

In the photographer’s own words:

We live in Germany and wanted to get a picture of the wheat before all the farmers harvest it all. There were storm clouds looming and I loved the look of it. I took a walk with my girls and just started clicking….I did have to bribe this one with gum though! What a person will do to get a good shot!

The Walk

This was taken on the way to the wheat field. I have just recently discovered how to take pictures like this and I absolutely love it.


Little Harvest Goddess


The Aftermath…

We are heading home from the wheat field. This was taken in a harvested wheat field.



6 Responses to “Wheat Harvest”

  1. candy Says:

    These are truly amazing!! I love them! They are so romantic!! Great job!!!

  2. Paula Says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. millicent Says:

    these are so beautiful, so innocent
    how do you take pics like this?

  4. Bumatay Says:

    Hi Paula

    These images are beautiful and timeless! I love the “Little Harvest Goddess” – nice capture and expression in the shot.

  5. Nik Says:

    Very nice picture of the girl in the field

  6. lans Says:

    Beautiful shots! how did you create the first one? what lens did you use?

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