One Light – Really!



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Colleen Donovan, of Colleen Donovan Photography that is based in Moses Lake, Washington. In the photographer’s own words:

This picture is from a recent wedding that I did at a local winery. The venue is gorgeous and I was having lots of fun taking advantage of the great light during the day while everyone was getting ready. The ceremony was even better because it was during the ‘golden hour’. Yay!! Then we get to the reception. As it got darker and darker I kept wondering when they were going to turn the hundreds of twinkle lights on that they have strung up around the reception area. The girl from the venue had put up this glaring, icky flourescent spotlight thing. Apparently the maintenance people hadn’t fixed whatever was wrong with the twinkle lights and the venue person coudn’t figure them out either. So. There we were with one light. I was sick to my stomach. It was so dark my camera wouldn’t focus so I worked my rear off to get what I could. In this picture I was trying to take advantage of the situation. The grooms father was making a toast and telling everyone what a great girl the bride was and I think she was a little embarrassed.


4 Responses to “One Light – Really!”

  1. juli Says:

    It is like one of those special effect pics you pay a fortune for. I love the way the guy has a glowing outline and the veil looks all floaty.

  2. Kenneth + Elaine Says:

    Perfect timing on the shot. Having a light at the right place and at the right time while focusing in near darkness is no small feat. Great job on this one!

  3. Bumatay Says:

    Beautiful capture at a perfect moment. I’m loving the dramatic lighting and the motion to this shot. Great job capturing this even though you may have had a challenging lighting situation!

  4. Colleen Says:

    Thanks all of you for the sweet comments! You guys (and girls) are too nice!

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