Leaving The Church



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Genevieve Nisly, of Genevieve Nisly Photography which is based in Canton Ohio. In the photographer’s own words.

This photo was captured right after the couple and family exited the church, at the end of the ceremony. The wind picked up so the bride held on tight to her dress and veil. Meanwhile the groom is off to the left grinning and face to the wind. The bride’s Dad is at the top of the stairs overlooking the whole scene. I love the contrast of her light flowing dress and the dark geometric architecture. What makes the photo even more meaningful to me was James’ (my husband and business partner) reaction; he called it one of our best photos to date.


6 Responses to “Leaving The Church”

  1. Lynn Jaksa Says:

    Wow! The ultimate dress shot – I love how your image shows off the gown in the moment! And the details of the father, the church, and the happy groom tell the whole story.

  2. juli Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm mayb… for me .. this on is kinda messy but I love it anyway.. sort a thing that just happens..

  3. Eric at Paris Daily Photo Says:

    Wow, I just came across your blog and am really impressed with the quality of photography. A really unusual and quality blog! Congrats!

  4. Kenneth + Elaine Says:

    Interesting site and a very sweet shot indeed, Genevieve!

  5. bob Says:

    That is a gorgeous photograph. The texture of the dress, the wind blowing the veil… Wow, it is beautiful. Congrats on great work.

  6. Genevieve Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone! There are much appreciated.

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