Field Of Dreams 2



This awesome photograph is from Edmonton Wedding Photographer, Chris Uglanica.  As the title implies, this photo is building on his previous submission Field Of Dreams.  In the photographer’s own words:

I had such a blast with Lindsay and Derek on their wedding day.  We had met up a few days before the wedding to help them get comfortable in front of the camera, and boy did that work well!  On their wedding day, Lindsay and Derek were totally at ease, and trusted where I was going with certain things throughout the day.  Not being able to see what the shot is setting up like must be really hard for our couples, but the look on their faces when they do see the shots is so worth it.

For this shot, we were losing daylight quickly.  As we were located down in a valley for the reception, the sun was already behind the top of the hill, so we had a good amount of ambient light still.  I convinced Lindsay and Derek to take a walk out into this wonderful, ready for harvest wheat field, and we got to work.  After showing Derek the finer points of a proper “dip”, we fired off a string of shots, resulting in this one.


3 Responses to “Field Of Dreams 2”

  1. Bentley Gray Says:

    Very nice…I love the lighting and the spontenaity ( did I spell that right?) of this image.

    Excellent work!


  2. Lynn Jaksa Says:

    Chris – What a beautiful image! I love the romantic mood and the waving grasses just accentuate it further!

  3. Frank DiMeo Says:

    Beautiful Chris, Beautiful!

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