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Woman With Fountain

September 20, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Birmingham photographer Chris Comfort. In the photographer’s own words:

As part of a photography class I was challenged to take a photograph of a subject I felt I had a weakness. Portrait pictures, in my opinion, are the toughest so I asked a friend to go to the local botanical gardens to let me take her picture.

The photograph was taken with a 1960 era Twin Lens Reflex camera and processed in my own darkroom. It was taken on Ilford Delta 100 and printed on Agfa Fibre. Finally the image of the woman was painted with Afga toner for the Sepia effect.

This image, to me, looks great in original black and white, after hand tinting which I have also done with it. But the sepia paint on toner from Agfa is still my favorite version of the photograph.


Dad’s First Glance

September 18, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Atlanta based photographer Jessica Scheufler of Big Day Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

This photograph was taken while the bride was waiting for her father. While the other photographer was preparing the bride, I was coming down the hall and knew I needed to capture this moment. I often find it difficult to illustrate how a bride feels the moment before she sees her dad on her wedding day. I felt the door acts like a divider, helping to illustrate the anticipation of the moment. I really loved bright back lighting, which gives the bride an ethereal glow.


September 14, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Indiana photographer Kevin Swan. In the photographer’s own words:

I was Just playing with my strobe. I had her look away from the lens and I shot straight into the light. Got lucky, really. I didn’t have to Photoshop this at all, it’s straight out of the camera.

Shilpa & Swap, Beautiful Laughs

September 13, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Pasadena California based photographer Danielle Biel of Skye Blu Photography. Danielle also has a blog which displays more of her work. In the photographer’s own words:

I shot this wedding last summer and absolutely fell in love with it. These two are perhaps the sweetest couple ever, and these laughs just scream happiness. Aside from their joy oozing from the photo, I love the colors (nothing has been retouched or altered.) This was taken from afar during the ceremony (200 zoom) as the officiant made a little joke…


September 11, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Louisiana photographer Mary Beth Conner.

Blessing of children and a continued love between husband and wife are truly one of God’s greatest gifts. This photo is a portrait of that fact. A family commissioned me to do a photo for their Christmas Cards that year and wanted to do something different. I really had no idea what I was going to do when I set out that day, but as teenagers often are—one of them wasn’t in the mood to be photographed. As it turned out, that in itself was a blessing because I probably wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to do this family portrait just this way. It has turned out to be the favorite of the family and one of mine as well.

I was just getting started with photography during the year and my money for equipment was scarce. This was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel XT with a Sigma 18-200 lens. Settings AV 4.5, ISO 100, no flash. Taken on an overcast day about 4:30pm. There is a another portrait of this family on my website You will be able to see their faces.

Sunset Wedding

September 8, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from northeast Ohio based photographer, Jen Grim of Jen Grim Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

After the wedding ceremoney at Alpine Valley in Chesterland, Ohio we took some pictures outside and the sky was getting more pink every minute. We just kept shooting until there was no sun left. I metered off the sky and lit the couple with a fill flash. We were really excited with the results and couldn’t have asked for a better sunset.

Refelctions Of Life

September 7, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from world photographer Danne Eriksson. In the photographer’s own words:

Suddenly the sky opened itself and let down the accumulated rain from all summer. New York was flooded within an hour. Later that night, when I came to this crossroad just before reaching Times Square, a magical rainbow- colored light show appeared. So beautiful. Exactly like in my dreams and as it should in this city of light. I stayed for half an hour and took the same picture over and over again. I couldn’t get enough. New York – I love you.

I have been working with the concept “Today’s Picture” for almost three years now. It started out as a mailing list between friends and gradually expanded to a list with subscribers from all over the world. Today’s Picture is a reflection over daily life as I see it from any given place. During the last three years I have published pictures from Sweden (where I live), Eritrea, Guatemala (where I worked for two years) and USA (where I love to be). Please visit my Today’s Picture blog if you have a minute to spare. Enjoy! If you really have nothing to do on a rainy day there is also my other blog with only NY pictures. The concept is called “the city where nothing happens”. Yeah, right. 😉

You Can Take Your Shirt Off

September 6, 2006


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from New York wedding photographer Frank DiMeo. Here is the story behind the photograph in Frank’s own words.

I took this shoot at OSPMC. A bunch of us got together early one morning before Mike Colon’s seminar to do some extra shooting. The couple was great to work with and I asked her privately if she would mind taking off her shirt for a few. She loved the idea and was all for it. So all of us guys are shooting and I say “o.k. you can take your shirt off now” so she did and the other photographers almost fell over. They were in shock because of how I asked, and how she responded. They said “Frank you are a real piece of work man, unbelievable!” Later I told them “come on you guys, I talked to her about it beforehand, hope you don’t think I just told her to take her shirt off.” Anyways, we got some awesome images and had a lot of laughs too. Jim was one of the guys so he can tell you about it too. Thanks again everyone, that was a kickin morning!


September 1, 2006


This awesome photograph comes to us from Joy Nudd of Garrett Nudd Photography which is based in Orlando Florida and Chattanooga Tennessee.

Over the past year we’ve really made a focus to get fun and unique feet shots during our shoots. Whether it be a wedding, e-session or kids shoot, clients always love them. So during the portrait session that followed a wedding in Pennsylvania, my husband Garrett had positioned the bride setting in the window and the groom leaning in and kissing her. I grabbed the foot shot and it ended up being one of their favorites. With her feet apart and him standing there, it leaves a lot to the viewers imagination and results in a fun, sexy shot.