This awesome photograph comes to us from Joy Nudd of Garrett Nudd Photography which is based in Orlando Florida and Chattanooga Tennessee.

Over the past year we’ve really made a focus to get fun and unique feet shots during our shoots. Whether it be a wedding, e-session or kids shoot, clients always love them. So during the portrait session that followed a wedding in Pennsylvania, my husband Garrett had positioned the bride setting in the window and the groom leaning in and kissing her. I grabbed the foot shot and it ended up being one of their favorites. With her feet apart and him standing there, it leaves a lot to the viewers imagination and results in a fun, sexy shot.


3 Responses to “Footloose”

  1. Frank DiMeo Says:

    Niiiiiiccce Joy! I think it is awesome too.

  2. Kenneth + Elaine Says:

    haha! Nice Joy!

    You’ve got an awesome take on life. 🙂

  3. Bumatay Says:

    What an awesome image! I love how true it is when you say “it leaves a lot to the viewers imagination…”

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