You Can Take Your Shirt Off



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from New York wedding photographer Frank DiMeo. Here is the story behind the photograph in Frank’s own words.

I took this shoot at OSPMC. A bunch of us got together early one morning before Mike Colon’s seminar to do some extra shooting. The couple was great to work with and I asked her privately if she would mind taking off her shirt for a few. She loved the idea and was all for it. So all of us guys are shooting and I say “o.k. you can take your shirt off now” so she did and the other photographers almost fell over. They were in shock because of how I asked, and how she responded. They said “Frank you are a real piece of work man, unbelievable!” Later I told them “come on you guys, I talked to her about it beforehand, hope you don’t think I just told her to take her shirt off.” Anyways, we got some awesome images and had a lot of laughs too. Jim was one of the guys so he can tell you about it too. Thanks again everyone, that was a kickin morning!


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