Shilpa & Swap, Beautiful Laughs



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Pasadena California based photographer Danielle Biel of Skye Blu Photography. Danielle also has a blog which displays more of her work. In the photographer’s own words:

I shot this wedding last summer and absolutely fell in love with it. These two are perhaps the sweetest couple ever, and these laughs just scream happiness. Aside from their joy oozing from the photo, I love the colors (nothing has been retouched or altered.) This was taken from afar during the ceremony (200 zoom) as the officiant made a little joke…


2 Responses to “Shilpa & Swap, Beautiful Laughs”

  1. Bumatay Says:

    I totally agree with seeing the “joy oozing from the photo” – I can see it in their smiles. You captured a perfect moment of happiness, and I’m sure the couple loved this shot! This must have a been a beautiful wedding with the cultural dress and jewelry.

  2. Abhijit Says:

    hey , this must be an Indian(i come from India…) wedding. Right ?? Beautifully captured moment…

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