Woman With Fountain



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Birmingham photographer Chris Comfort. In the photographer’s own words:

As part of a photography class I was challenged to take a photograph of a subject I felt I had a weakness. Portrait pictures, in my opinion, are the toughest so I asked a friend to go to the local botanical gardens to let me take her picture.

The photograph was taken with a 1960 era Twin Lens Reflex camera and processed in my own darkroom. It was taken on Ilford Delta 100 and printed on Agfa Fibre. Finally the image of the woman was painted with Afga toner for the Sepia effect.

This image, to me, looks great in original black and white, after hand tinting which I have also done with it. But the sepia paint on toner from Agfa is still my favorite version of the photograph.


3 Responses to “Woman With Fountain”

  1. fabrizio Says:

    a young woman in ols style photo


  2. juli Says:

    I really appreciate the way the sepia enhances the image so subtly. I didnt even notice at first that was the reason it was so unusual. Your work is special.

  3. Chris Uglanica Says:

    What an incredibly well processed and presented shot. That is amazing, and thank you for sharing your technique on it.

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