Impish Grin



Todays awesome photograph is from Mandy Howe.

This photo was taken of my two oldest children. We were preparing to be a part of my parents 25th wedding anniversary celebration in which they renewed their vows to each other. The kids were being so sweet to each other. I love the little impish grin my son has though.


7 Responses to “Impish Grin”

  1. danne Says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Best wishes from Sweden!

  2. David Jay Says:

    Awesome! LOL

  3. Clint Tamlin Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Would you happen to be Mandy Lynette Howe? If not, then the rest of this email wouldn’t apply. Otherwise, please read on.

    I was doing a bit of reseaching on line about William Tamlin (my Great Great Grandfather), and came accross the email below. I am not familiar with your name. Are you related in anyway? Or were you hired to research for one of the Tamlins.

    So that you have an idea where I fit in the picture: Willam’s son was Ben, and Ben’s son was Verdell, Verdell’s son was Larry, and I am Larry’s son.

    I will be happy to assist you with your research, but I am mainly interested in learning more about you and your ties to the Tamlin familiy.


    Clint Tamlin


    I am researching the Tamlin family line which has been traced back to William Tamlin who changed his name from Molinara to Tamlin after arriving in CO from Sicily. Any information on this family line is appriciated and can be emailed to me.
    The Tamlin Family Lineage
    Updated November 1, 2001

    Mandy Lynette Howe

  4. Mandy Says:

    Hi Clint! I am a part of the Tamlin family (My maternal grandmother is a Tamlin) Feel free to email me at my current email address-

  5. Clint Tamlin Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Sorry for the extreme delay in resonding. Who is your maternal grandmother? We are all curious as to how you are tied into the Tamlins?



  6. samuel reed chaffey Says:

    Hi Clint, I am the great great garndson of william tamlin chaffey who came to ths usa. I have been searching for years where the tamlin name came from in ancestors and relatives. I know the connection had to be prior to william tamlin chaffey of 1830 and his wife charlotte but dead ended there. William tamlin chaffey was son of richard T. Chaffey of pilton UK thanks sam

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