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Last Chance

January 31, 2007

Last Chance

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Orange County, Ca Wedding Photographer Miguel Pola. In the photographer’s own words:

It was labor day weekend, and a pretty warm day outside. All the groomsmen were fired up to get started on their photo session. The venue, The Mission Inn Riverside California. What a gorgeous place! That being my 3rd image taken for the day, I was pretty pumped up! The rest of wedding day photos were gorgeous as well.



January 30, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Mary Beth Conner of Mary Beth Conner Photography located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. In the photographers own words:

These two sisters were so much fun the day after Christmas. It was a pleasure photographing them and watching how much they enjoy being with each other. I just shot what I saw and had a great time doing it. This was shot late in the afternoon around 5:00pm at their grandparent’s home with my brand new Canon 5D. It was the first shoot with my new Christmas present and it was a great way to break it in. I used a 24-70 mm lens at 100 ISO. When I downloaded this from my camera it made me smile and I thought it would make others smile too. More photos can be viewed at

Dream Bride

January 29, 2007

Dream Bride

Today’s awesome photograph is from Edmonton Photographer, Chris Uglanica. In the photographer’s own words:

While shooting at Avery Island, this bride took a moment to reflect on her upcoming day, and admire the beautiful flowers in her bouquet.  An amazingly beautiful bride to be in an amazing location make this shot an awesome photograph.

Love on the beach

January 17, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Edmonton based photographers Kenneth + Elaine Soong of Just Married Photography. In the photographers own words:

Lindsay + Steve one of our craziest couples this year, flew us down to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for their destination wedding and we had such a blast doing their photos. Talk about extreme clients! Lindsay + Steve enjoyed their time with us so much that told us they were up for something totally different and that they were up for going as far as soaking the dress. Be careful when you tell us that, because that’s exactly what we’ll do. After their photos were finished, our couple moved out to the beach to enjoy the end of their day while lying on the beach with the tide swirling around them. It’s a good thing our lenses were weather resistant since so much water flew up when the tide came in and hit our couple that her dress wasn’t the only thing soaked at the end of it. This image is one out of many with our couple finishing their session by swimming out into the big blue ocean up their necks, and all while enjoying each others’ love. Oh what fun!

Peace and Quiet

January 16, 2007

Peace and Quiet

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Becky Waurio of Toute Ma Vie Photography which is based in Front Royal, Virginia.   In the photographer’s own words:

This image is actually from a bridal shoot, but it captures a highly sought-after time in one’s wedding day: a moment to breathe. Sarah was such a beautiful model. Fortunately, when she settled into this relaxed position, I was able to capture the beauty of it. This particular image was shot in the garden behind The Old Stone House in Georgetown outside of Washington, D.C.

It’s a Beautiful Life

January 15, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Alexis Achten of Jasmine Photography based in Porland Oregon.  In the photographer’s own words:

I love photographing mom’s to be. It’s such an important part of their lives and hearing all the stories about the couples journey to becoming parents is always a treat!  The majority say being pregnant is not so bad, this is somewhat of a relief to me for when I decide to have kids! (I’ll be honest, I’m scared to give birth!)

This image spoke to me to be distressed and have an antique look applied to it. I feel like now it is more than a memory but a piece of art. Thanks for looking!


January 12, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Malta based lifestyle photographer Jessica C. Moritz.  In the photographer’s own words:

This image was taken on a beautiful summer’s day in downtown Berlin, Germany with an awesome couple. Juliana and Jesus completly adore each other and were so easy going in front of the camera. This made it one of these perfect photoshoots where everything comes together: a happy couple madly in love, perfect weather and backdrop. For this image I had the two stand right by the famous Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) shielding them a bit from the strong summer’s light. Right that moment, the two were so oblivious and caught up with each other that I only had to snap away and capture the passion between them. More of Juliana and Jesus can be seen HERE or go to

Bliss on the Beach

January 11, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph is from Edmonton Photographer, Chris Uglanica. In the photographer’s own words:

Chantelle and Gary held a destination wedding in Ixtapa, Mexico this November, and were just a joy to work with. This photograph was taken on the day after the wedding, and Chantelle was more than willing to run around on the beach, get a little wet, and just hang out with her new hubby. The light and the couple being softly reflected in the water make this shot an outstanding capture, and one of their favourites from the week in Mexico.

Sitting Sweet

January 10, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Britt Clearie of Britt Clearie Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

This bride was so sweet! We took one of the chairs from inside and put it on the lawn. I thought she looked beautiful. I have cropped the photo to focus only on her. I took it into photoshop and played with it there to make it glow. I like to try to capture moments when the bride and groom are being themselves.

Your wedding day is a day you can’t go back to, but I can at least hold little moments in time for you to enjoy forever.


January 9, 2007


Today’s awesome photo comes to us from Pure Design Photography based in Tallassee Alabama.  In the photographers own words:

This photograph caught me by surprise. It doesn’t feature the main players of the wedding day, but it captures something of the mood and passion that a wedding day represents. The image was a bit dark, so I had to decide whether to lighten the image and regain some recognizable faces, or darken it even more and just go for the mood of the shot. I think darkening the shot is more successful. We don’t need to see faces, just feel the closeness of these lovers. Red hot lighting only adds to the feeling. More photographs from this wedding can be found at our website

The Tenderness of Love

January 8, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Harvard, Illinois based photographer Ramiro Rodriguez of Rosy’s Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

In this image I simply asked them to look at each other and think of their love.  I asked them to try to express their love with their eyes.  Although I took a series of shots, I think this one expresses the tenderness of the love that brought them together and will culminate with the “I do” before the altar.