Love on the beach



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Edmonton based photographers Kenneth + Elaine Soong of Just Married Photography. In the photographers own words:

Lindsay + Steve one of our craziest couples this year, flew us down to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for their destination wedding and we had such a blast doing their photos. Talk about extreme clients! Lindsay + Steve enjoyed their time with us so much that told us they were up for something totally different and that they were up for going as far as soaking the dress. Be careful when you tell us that, because that’s exactly what we’ll do. After their photos were finished, our couple moved out to the beach to enjoy the end of their day while lying on the beach with the tide swirling around them. It’s a good thing our lenses were weather resistant since so much water flew up when the tide came in and hit our couple that her dress wasn’t the only thing soaked at the end of it. This image is one out of many with our couple finishing their session by swimming out into the big blue ocean up their necks, and all while enjoying each others’ love. Oh what fun!


3 Responses to “Love on the beach”

  1. Jerry Moores Says:

    Incredible collection of shots!!! Congrats and keep it going!

    Jerry in Tampa

  2. Chris+Lynn Photographers Says:

    Killer image! The B&W heightens the emotion and I love the swirl of the water – beautiful!

  3. Etched In Time Photography Says:

    I Love when a bride isn’t affraid to get a little dirty!
    Miguel Pola

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