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El Mariachi

April 30, 2007

El Mariachi

Today’s photograph comes from Ramiro of Rosy’s Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

El Mariachi is traditional in Mexican weddings and celebrations. In this shot I was looking for certain perspective of balance, symmetry, and depth. This shot captures that vision. A detail important to the Mariachi, is that the elaborate decorations of the pants are always showing, in this shot that was also captured.


Bridal Flowers

April 29, 2007


Today’s photograph comes from Valerie Cavalheri of In the photographer’s own words:

Really like this photo of a pretty bride among the flowers. It’s always fun to get rid of the other colors and put the focus on the bouquet near a face. Despite the stresses of the day, she was always calm and collected. The perfect bride and the perfect model.

“Goin’ to the Chapel, and We’re…”

April 29, 2007

Going the the chapel and we’re gonna….

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Matt Roberts. In the photographer’s own words:

This photo was actually taken after both the wedding and reception. This old bridge was located just steps from the restaurant where the reception took place. It was extremely hot that day. I liked the look of the old beat-up sign, and the rusty old bridge juxtaposed with the bright and shiny newlyweds.

Year of the Piglet

April 27, 2007

Year of the Piglet

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Donna Tam of Donna Tam Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

I was at a Chinese New Year celebration when I spotted this sweet baby. She was having such a great time playing with her mom! And just the way she looked made me think, “This little piggy…” Such round cheeks and a wild sprig of hair to top it all off! Watching her have fun was probably the most entertaining thing that whole evening.

My website is:

The Real Sopranos

April 26, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Anthony Dantuono. In the photographer’s own words:

I came upon these gentlemen while on a trip to Sorrento, Italy in 2005. The first photo I snapped was from street level, through a set of gates. After seeing the pic in my viewfinder, I decided to run up the steps for a closer shot. These guys were awesome and I only wish I had the audio clip that went with the photo. Bella, Italia!


April 25, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Martin Lukersmith from Click Media Digital Printers in Penrith, New South Wales. In the photographer’s own words:

My wife, daughter Sophie and I were travelling on a holiday in Ireland in January and came upon the area known as Glendiloch – with its old graveyard. I had recently modified a Nikon D70 for infra-red and snapped this as Sophie walked amoungst the old graves. I found Ireland to be a wonderful place to develope some new skills with infra-red and this photo is a good example from the hundreds that I took there.

Baby Blues

April 20, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Jennifer Cavagna from Jennifer Images in Milton, Ontario, Canada. In the photographer’s own words:

Beautiful north facing window light and the bluest of eye, made this image one of a kind. This was the baby’s second photoshoot with me, but this time she was crawling. That meant following her around and seeing the world from her perspective. Spilled Cheerios, reaching for letter magnets and exploring the world all around, made capturing the perspective of a ten month old a whole lot of fun. Please enjoy this photo and if you would like to see more please visit my website at or my blog at

Pure Love

April 18, 2007

Pure Love

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Ed Stone from Ed Stone Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

Today you’ve been lucky enough to see one of those extra special magical moments in which mother nature has presented two cows madly in love. So I was very lucky to be able to capture this photo as the light was fading away and I had to wait about an hour to get the shot perfect but is was definitely worth it! For anyone who is curious, the picture was taken in Butleigh, Somerset in the UK. My wesite is and for those of you keeping hip

The Doli

April 3, 2007

The Doli by Rob And Lauren of 3 point photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Rob and Lauren from 3point photography.   In the photographer’s own words:

As her father, mother, relatives and even her groom cried, this bride threw grains of rice over her shoulders to symbolize leaving her family home to join her husband. The ceremony, called the doli, is incredibly powerful and moving. You can even see her father in the far left of the frame, trying to hold back his emotion.
Afterwards she was carried away from the house by her male relatives and bid farewell. We will admit it, we got a bit misty-eyed ourselves. What an incredible ceremony! You can see more from this vibrant wedding at our site:

Green Mosaic

April 2, 2007

Green Mosaic by Alisha Clark

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from amazing photographer Alisha Clark. In the photographer’s own words:

I was shooting in St. Louis, when I turned a corner of the church and saw some bridesmaids standing behind this green mosaic screen while getting ready in a holding place. I immediately took the bridesmaids shot by reaction, but once I saw the overall scene this beautiful image of the bride’s sihouette came to me. I purposely positioned the bride where the light would maximize the silhouette, while I also left the stairs at the top of the image to lead the eye to the subject (bride) and more importantly it gives the shot an environment and context.