The Doli


The Doli by Rob And Lauren of 3 point photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Rob and Lauren from 3point photography.   In the photographer’s own words:

As her father, mother, relatives and even her groom cried, this bride threw grains of rice over her shoulders to symbolize leaving her family home to join her husband. The ceremony, called the doli, is incredibly powerful and moving. You can even see her father in the far left of the frame, trying to hold back his emotion.
Afterwards she was carried away from the house by her male relatives and bid farewell. We will admit it, we got a bit misty-eyed ourselves. What an incredible ceremony! You can see more from this vibrant wedding at our site:


2 Responses to “The Doli”

  1. cuphotography Says:

    LOVE this shot Lauren and Rob. You guys totally rock with work like this!

  2. thailandflowerdelivery Says:

    Yes, what a great shot. It is interesting because you can not see what is happening at first glance there appears to be something else going on!

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