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Mountain Top

May 25, 2007



Today’s awesome photograph comes from Davina Fear. In the photographer’s own words:

We had decided that between the ceremony and the cocktail hour we would go to the top of the mountain and take some pictures. The parents were all from the 60s and absolutely loved the idea. We got some really wonderful images even though the sky was threatening rain. I love this image because they were completely unaware of the camera. She’s holding her dress high enough to see her garter. The sky is beautiful and so is the mountain. I just love the composition…it’s a favorite for me.


Truly NW

May 3, 2007

Truly NW

Today’s awesome photograph comes from Aaron J. Nelson of Evantide Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

The photo should be a standard where I shoot in northwest washington. The only problem is that is rains so much that if you use an umbrella you are considered a wimp or a tourist. So right before the wedding I ran to the store and purchased one large golf umbrella and one smaller classy umbrella with the great wooden hook.

Because I bought the umbrella’s and intended to use them, we ended up with a window of time to shoot when the rain had stopped (go figure). Anyhow, with the late day light the colors in the image really became muted and that’s my favorite part and what I think gives it the classic look. This was the first shot of the day for this couple and I told them I was done and heading home when I saw the preview in my LCD.

Editor’s note:  This photograph has a unique and timeless appeal that will last forever.  I truly LOVED seeing this submission, and thanks so much for sending it in Aaron.  C.


May 2, 2007


Today’s image comes from Sarah Antonino of Picture Infinity Studios.  In the photographer’s own words:

This was shot after the wedding before the limo was ready to pick up the bride. She wanted to do some fun formals and we had her running down the hall, veil in hand. There are about 12 captures but this one just looked perfect, like she was flying! Her veil was too impressive not to do something cool with it and we’re so glad we took the time!

Back in Black

May 1, 2007

Back in Black

Today’s photograph comes from Matt Antonino of Picture Infinity Studios. In the photographer’s own words:

“If Stefan had a larger bladder this image wouldn’t exist. You see, we were taking some cool formals but had the whole wedding party involved. We hadn’t gotten down to couples time yet and probably would have run out of time (we took SO MANY fun wedding party shots!) Anyways, Stefan had to use the newly married mens room so Heather walked over near the window. I saw this and thought – if she just puts her arms UP…


And the image was made. There are more images from this shoot at our blog –