Truly NW


Truly NW

Today’s awesome photograph comes from Aaron J. Nelson of Evantide Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

The photo should be a standard where I shoot in northwest washington. The only problem is that is rains so much that if you use an umbrella you are considered a wimp or a tourist. So right before the wedding I ran to the store and purchased one large golf umbrella and one smaller classy umbrella with the great wooden hook.

Because I bought the umbrella’s and intended to use them, we ended up with a window of time to shoot when the rain had stopped (go figure). Anyhow, with the late day light the colors in the image really became muted and that’s my favorite part and what I think gives it the classic look. This was the first shot of the day for this couple and I told them I was done and heading home when I saw the preview in my LCD.

Editor’s note:  This photograph has a unique and timeless appeal that will last forever.  I truly LOVED seeing this submission, and thanks so much for sending it in Aaron.  C.


7 Responses to “Truly NW”

  1. Bumatay Says:

    Beautiful image and mood, not to mention nice composition. I love it. Reminds me of Jack Vettriano’s paintings where they are dancing on the beach with umbrellas.

  2. JaNae Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this image. Beautiful, wonderful lighting and composition.

  3. Never teh Bride Says:

    That is absolutely beautiful 🙂 Almost makes me wish it had rained on my wedding day instead of being outlandishly windy.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Thanks… for your compliments. Thanks Bumatay for the parallel to Vettriano’s work.

  5. The Uninvited Guest Says:

    Wow…. timeless is the word, beautiful composition and I love the aspects of marriage that it makes me reflect upon almost unconsciously – the sheltering from the elements together, the gazing out over the lake / into the future. Ooooh, I’ve come over all romantic…

  6. Raul Kling Says:

    Excellent composition and nice colors. The second umbrella just makes the shot. Great!

  7. Benedicte Elisabeth Says:

    Beautiul 🙂

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