Lough Talt



Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Kevin Hart Arps. In the photographer’s own words:

This photo was taken on a crisp day at Lough Talt in Southern Ireland. I had to climb down a rough/wet/slippery bank to take it but had my tripod for support . I am currently engaged in taking photos of the North West of Ireland leading to a book being published. Camera: Canon Eos 400d, lens Canon 10 – 22.


11 Responses to “Lough Talt”

  1. JMP Says:

    This is an excellent image. There’s so much going on, but yet it’s so simple and concise.

  2. padraig Mullarkey Says:

    amazing photo, i used to fish at the end of the lake that u took the photo from, grew up near by – WELL DONE

  3. Lesley Says:

    My husband’s favourite place in the world – is there any chance I can buy a print of this?

  4. Katie Says:

    That’s a fantastic photo. My husband grew up on the shores of Lough Talt and I have seen many stunning photos of the are, yours being among the best.

  5. Danny Says:

    Super photo of one of my favourite places . I would like to buy a print if at all possible .

  6. Colleen Talt Says:

    Beautiful Image!!
    Looking into the origin of this Lough and my Irish ancestory. Living in the U.S.
    Any chance of purchasing this print?
    Thank you!

  7. RPM Says:

    I would like to buy a print and also use this on my Facebook page? Can you let me know how to go about doing both?

    Thank you! This photo just says so many things – what a pro!

  8. kieran Says:

    awsome photo,my dad was born in gurterslin nearby


    HAVE WRITTEN MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY. AT END OF STORY i go to a dance in Lough TALT. lake is covered in ice with mountain flowers reflecting on lake and at this dance I meet the famous and infamous, i.e both male and feamale stars and writers. There was WOLF, SHELLY, DUNNE, HEATHCLIFF AND MORE NOT FORGETTING OUR OSCAR..
    Would like to buy photo and calander.? Your black and white is beautiful.
    Mary Josephine Mullen.
    TEL: O208 659 9919..

  10. Canon EOS 1100D Says:


    Lough Talt « Awesome Photographs…

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