City Love


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Jamie Weiss of Jamie Weiss Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

I love this image I captured during a group shoot in Chattanooga, TN. I really like the chemistry of the couple and the metallic background displaying the fact that we are in Chattanooga. This couple “modeled” for a group of about 15 photographers who were all shooting them at once, so at times it was interesting trying to get in and get the angle that you wanted without getting in someone else’s shot. I had also just purchased a new camera and was experiencing some difficulty getting the settings just the way I wanted and I left the shoot feeling like I didn’t get very good images. But after downloading them and taking a second look, there are several from this shoot that are my all time favorites and this is one of them


3 Responses to “City Love”

  1. Eric J. Says:

    Awesome lines and composition!

  2. Jamie Weiss Says:

    Thanks to Rich & Heather Smith for being such great subjects!

  3. Bumatay Says:

    I love the perspective and the interaction. Great shot!

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