Woman’s Best Friend


Woman’s Best Friend

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Robert Medina of Medina Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

We did this shot as a promo for an upcoming photo session at a local dog boutique. The owner asked me if I would be interested in photographing pets in her store to generate some buzz to have people come in. I thought about it and suggested we include people as well. I wanted to tell the story of pets in our lives, not just pets in front of a camera. She loved the idea and this was the shot chosen for the campaign. It is of my Wife Lara and our dog Kingston.


5 Responses to “Woman’s Best Friend”

  1. Alice Ziemak Says:

    This photo is truly AWESOME! Love it. Amazing photography! How did you ever get Kingston to pose so beautifully?? Wife Lara is “ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN”!!! You are not only a very lucky young man, but a
    VERY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER!! We all want to see more. Keep up the great work, Rob.

  2. Bumatay Says:


  3. Dogs Love Pictures Says:

    It is very difficult to get dogs to pose for pictures without looking uncomfortable. You did a great job.

  4. screem00 Says:

    very nice

  5. hapigal Says:

    this is beautiful

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