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The Deep Blue Yonder

July 3, 2007

Georgia Aquarium with William Haun.

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from photographer William Haun. In the photographer’s own words:

I love the contrast of my 7 month old son’s tiny figure and the massive fish above him in this photo I took at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. He was mesmerized by the blue glow of the tanks full of thousands of colorful fish. Visit my website at to enjoy more of my photography and videography. For more photos of the cutest baby on earth, visit Trey’s “baby blog”.


Windmill Road

July 3, 2007

Windmill Road

Today’s photograph comes to us from Kevin Hart. In the photographer’s own words:

The photo was taken at a wind farm in S.Ireland on top of a mountain. Permission had to be obtained because it was private and also dangerous. I will include this in the book of photos that I am at present shooting.