The Deep Blue Yonder


Georgia Aquarium with William Haun.

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from photographer William Haun. In the photographer’s own words:

I love the contrast of my 7 month old son’s tiny figure and the massive fish above him in this photo I took at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. He was mesmerized by the blue glow of the tanks full of thousands of colorful fish. Visit my website at to enjoy more of my photography and videography. For more photos of the cutest baby on earth, visit Trey’s “baby blog”.


5 Responses to “The Deep Blue Yonder”

  1. Chris Uglanica Says:

    Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite shots to post up here on AP. I absolutely ADORE this photograph for so many reasons. This is truly what an awesome photograph is!

    William, I hope that you have this printed out HUGE and hung on a wall at home. If you don’t, you SHOULD!

  2. innersilence Says:

    Excellent! Very nice photo… 😀

  3. Colorado Wedding Video Says:

    Great stuff! Love it!

  4. Michael J. McCrystal Says:

    That is an amazing place. I visited for a portion of a day this summer. I really want to go back. The Florida Aquarium is beautiful and weddings there are amazing. I would love to do one at the Georgia Aquarium. It is taking aquariums to a whole different level!

    Great work… Awesome photograph…

  5. William Haun Says:

    ** UPDATE ** I took the photograph above of my son in April 2007. He was 9 months old. Now he just turned 2 and we returned to the aquarium. I took another photo of him with that same giant grouper. This time he is standing and it looks like he is talking to the fish. I like to think that he is recounting all the great adventures he’s had since the last time he saw the fish.

    Here’s the new image:

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