Beautiful Light


Beautiful Light

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Eric Cotter at Eric J Photography in Orange County. In the photographer’s own words:

I shot this in downtown Long Beach CA. The refreshing thing about this session was that I didn’t do it at the beach.. So many times we here in SO Cal just rush off to the beach because, well IT SELLS!!!.. But we tend to forget the dynamics of shooting in other surroundings. This entire shoot was a breath of fresh air, and gave me a different perspective on engagement sessions. For all of you that have those 1 or 2 killer locations that you frequent, do yourself a favor, shoot somewhere completely opposite next time.. Your creative side will thank you.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Light”

  1. Bumatay Says:

    Beautiful capture! Urban settings are fun because you get so much variety in backgrounds and environments to play in.

  2. jeremy Says:

    very nice, and sound advice too. excellent post.

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