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Engaging Amusement

December 6, 2007

Davina Fear - Artistic Wedding Photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Davina Fear at Davina Fear. In the photographer’s own words:

One of this couple’s fave things to do is to ride amusement park
rides. They love to go to Lagoon here in Utah. We knew we couldn’t
go there and do a host of other fun things as well so we found a tiny
little park that had some cool rides. I am not one that can sit in
the backseat of a car and not get car sick BUT I’ll do anything for a
great shot. So I got on this ride with them in a swing just in front
of them. I used my long lens because I knew the shot that I wanted
was the one when we were going full speed around. I just held my lens
on them and let the world go around us. As sick as we all were when
we got off of the ride we all agree it was completely worth it. What
do you think?


Will You

December 6, 2007

Will You - Indianapolis Wedding Photography - Eclipse Photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Chad Franz at Chad Franz / Eclipse Photography in Indianapolis. In the photographer’s own words:

Just a simple shot that says so much more without showing their faces than it ever could by showing them. Even with the texture and SX-70 kinda look, viewers still just talk about the overall feeling of the shot. I love the idea of conveying a couple’s feelings in such a way that the viewer thinks about the subjects without any thought about the photographer or techniques. More can be seen on my blog!