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April 30, 2008

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Jason Domingues at Jason Domingues Photography. In the photographer’s own words

I shot this image while they were on the bottom of the front steps of her home. They were waiting for their very small wedding to begin. the background was blown out a little in photoshop but because I was shooting from so high on the steps, the background was the ice on the ground. This was my favorite wedding of the year, The city was hit with an ice storm and had no power but these two were determined to get married….oh yeah the wedding was outside in a tent in 25 degree weather! this wedding really pushed my limits, dealing with the cold, snow and ice.


New Toy

April 30, 2008

Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Rob Medina at Medina Photography.  In the photographer’s own words:

My buddy had just bought his ‘new toy’ and brought it by y house- I could not resist taken a picture of it! I used 2 550EX flashes with pocket wizards to light the subject- taken at night. Manual 1/60th @f8 ISO 100- Flash units set to manual- 1-550 camera right- 5 feet away, 7 feet up pointing down on rider and bike 1/8th power. Second 550ex behind the bike about 3 feet away 1/32 power. Both units were manually zoomed out to 105mm for a smaller beam.