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Luxury Wedding Venue Photography

May 23, 2012

Luxury Event Photography

Luxury weddings pull out all the stops when it comes to the venue and how it is customized for the reception. From amazing floral arrangements to the custom lighting, no detail is left unturned. Usually the wedding photographer is in charge of capturing the venue and details. However, with the primary focus of the wedding photographer on the bride and schedule slips, the timeline gets compressed when it comes to photographing the venue.

A growing trend, especially for high-end events, is to hire a photographer who is dedicated to photographing the venue and details. That is their sole focus and specialty. By obtaining a photographer who specializes in venue photography, one can expect a higher level of image quality and composition. Some photographers, such as James Cook Photography, specializes in photographing venues using High Dynamic Range technology. They even have a website dedicated to HDR Luxury Wedding and Event Venue Photography.

With the bride spending so much on the venue, it is reasonable to expect them to want to make sure they have the best pictures possible of the venue and they are willing to pay to get it. Many wedding coordinators are now suggesting this service. Not only does the bride benefit, but so does the planner by anticipating a need and providing expertise to their client. As a side benefit, the planner also has noticeably different photographs they can use in their marketing materials to help differentiate themselves from others.


HDR Background Images

May 16, 2012

HDR Background Image

The use of HDR Images for Backgrounds is a growing trend in portraiture. James Cook Photography is using this technique in their senior portrait work. They create their own High Dynamic Range backgrounds and them drop the subject on them. This composite image of two separate images provides a distinctive look and seniors in their market crave. These are premium images that are printed on metal to add to the boutique nature of this work.

One of the industry leaders on creating HDR images is Trey Ratcliff and you can view his work at on his website Stuck In Customs.

HDR Backgrounds in Senior Portraits

May 1, 2012

High Dynamic Range Background Senior Portrait

While this image looks like it was taken outside, in reality, this image was photographed in-studio on a white background.  It was then dropped onto a HDR background in Photoshop.  HDR, High Dynamic Range, images are photographs that are comprised of several photographs of varying exposure.    Using HDR as one of our methods for producing our senior portraits lets us stand out from the amateurs.  Besides producing images that are different, the other reason we like this is because we can shoot in-studio where the weather is always nice and we don’t need to travel to locations which improves our efficiency.

To view more of our images, you can visit our Senior Portrait website.