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Luxury Wedding Venue Photography

May 23, 2012

Luxury Event Photography

Luxury weddings pull out all the stops when it comes to the venue and how it is customized for the reception. From amazing floral arrangements to the custom lighting, no detail is left unturned. Usually the wedding photographer is in charge of capturing the venue and details. However, with the primary focus of the wedding photographer on the bride and schedule slips, the timeline gets compressed when it comes to photographing the venue.

A growing trend, especially for high-end events, is to hire a photographer who is dedicated to photographing the venue and details. That is their sole focus and specialty. By obtaining a photographer who specializes in venue photography, one can expect a higher level of image quality and composition. Some photographers, such as James Cook Photography, specializes in photographing venues using High Dynamic Range technology. They even have a website dedicated to HDR Luxury Wedding and Event Venue Photography.

With the bride spending so much on the venue, it is reasonable to expect them to want to make sure they have the best pictures possible of the venue and they are willing to pay to get it. Many wedding coordinators are now suggesting this service. Not only does the bride benefit, but so does the planner by anticipating a need and providing expertise to their client. As a side benefit, the planner also has noticeably different photographs they can use in their marketing materials to help differentiate themselves from others.


HDR Background Images

May 16, 2012

HDR Background Image

The use of HDR Images for Backgrounds is a growing trend in portraiture. James Cook Photography is using this technique in their senior portrait work. They create their own High Dynamic Range backgrounds and them drop the subject on them. This composite image of two separate images provides a distinctive look and seniors in their market crave. These are premium images that are printed on metal to add to the boutique nature of this work.

One of the industry leaders on creating HDR images is Trey Ratcliff and you can view his work at on his website Stuck In Customs.

April 30, 2008

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Jason Domingues at Jason Domingues Photography. In the photographer’s own words

I shot this image while they were on the bottom of the front steps of her home. They were waiting for their very small wedding to begin. the background was blown out a little in photoshop but because I was shooting from so high on the steps, the background was the ice on the ground. This was my favorite wedding of the year, The city was hit with an ice storm and had no power but these two were determined to get married….oh yeah the wedding was outside in a tent in 25 degree weather! this wedding really pushed my limits, dealing with the cold, snow and ice.


Engaging Amusement

December 6, 2007

Davina Fear - Artistic Wedding Photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Davina Fear at Davina Fear. In the photographer’s own words:

One of this couple’s fave things to do is to ride amusement park
rides. They love to go to Lagoon here in Utah. We knew we couldn’t
go there and do a host of other fun things as well so we found a tiny
little park that had some cool rides. I am not one that can sit in
the backseat of a car and not get car sick BUT I’ll do anything for a
great shot. So I got on this ride with them in a swing just in front
of them. I used my long lens because I knew the shot that I wanted
was the one when we were going full speed around. I just held my lens
on them and let the world go around us. As sick as we all were when
we got off of the ride we all agree it was completely worth it. What
do you think?

Will You

December 6, 2007

Will You - Indianapolis Wedding Photography - Eclipse Photography

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Chad Franz at Chad Franz / Eclipse Photography in Indianapolis. In the photographer’s own words:

Just a simple shot that says so much more without showing their faces than it ever could by showing them. Even with the texture and SX-70 kinda look, viewers still just talk about the overall feeling of the shot. I love the idea of conveying a couple’s feelings in such a way that the viewer thinks about the subjects without any thought about the photographer or techniques. More can be seen on my blog!

The Deep Blue Yonder

July 3, 2007

Georgia Aquarium with William Haun.

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from photographer William Haun. In the photographer’s own words:

I love the contrast of my 7 month old son’s tiny figure and the massive fish above him in this photo I took at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. He was mesmerized by the blue glow of the tanks full of thousands of colorful fish. Visit my website at to enjoy more of my photography and videography. For more photos of the cutest baby on earth, visit Trey’s “baby blog”.

Woman’s Best Friend

June 28, 2007

Woman’s Best Friend

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Robert Medina of Medina Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

We did this shot as a promo for an upcoming photo session at a local dog boutique. The owner asked me if I would be interested in photographing pets in her store to generate some buzz to have people come in. I thought about it and suggested we include people as well. I wanted to tell the story of pets in our lives, not just pets in front of a camera. She loved the idea and this was the shot chosen for the campaign. It is of my Wife Lara and our dog Kingston.

Dancing in Barn

June 28, 2007

 Dancing in Barn

Today’s photograph comes from Carisa Kozicki of CK Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

This is a photograph of the wedding couple dancing in the bride’s parents’ barn. The family lovingly restored the barn for her wedding. My assistant and I had so much fun photographing this unique and personalized wedding. Everyone, especially the bride, was so relaxed. I really wanted to show the movement and energy that everyone was feeling at the wedding, so I kept my shutter speed a bit low to capture some of the movement and to showcase the barn’s great interior.

I Am Ready

June 12, 2007

This awesome photograph comes to us from MDTorres Photography’s Maria D. Torres. In the photographer’s own words:

This was one of the first shots in a wedding session. It was taken in the bride´s bedroom while she was looking at the mirror just after being makedup at home for her wedding.

I loved the reflection of her face. I shut it just in time, without any preparation as I was just coming into her room to take her out for her bride session.

Just a little dodging and burning in Photoshop to enhance her face and a nudge down on color saturation to give it this ancient look.

As I discovered later at home, her eye was reflecting also in the mirror´s frame.

Sunbathing Doberman

June 12, 2007

Today’s awesome photograph comes from Kansas City Wedding Photographer Felipe Pereira. In the photographer’s own words:

We’ve recently started having springlike weather, and as a result we’ve left our back door open for our dogs to go in and out of the house.  One of my dogs decided to lay out on the deck and soak the sun’s rays.  I noticed this and quickly grabbed my camera, since she could decide to do something else at a moments notice, and laid down on the kitchen floor to get some photos. I’m sure she’s keeping an eye on her mom, who she worships. Working with my own dogs keeps me sharp, because of the fact that they go from doing one thing to another so quickly; anything interesting they do can be missed if I don’t adjust to the situation.

Mywork with humans can be found at

Flying High

June 7, 2007

Flying High

Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Kari Douma of Kari Douma Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

Scott and Laurie were such a fun couple who had a fantastic wedding. They were married on top of Crystal Mountain at the Crystal Mountain Resort in Michigan. All the guests rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain for a mountain high ceremony! This image shows the excitement of the day, and the emotion that Scott and Laurie had that day, sharing it with their friends and family. Here in this image they are greeting one of their friends as they were descending the mountain in the chair lift

Lough Talt

June 4, 2007


Today’s awesome photograph comes to us from Kevin Hart Arps. In the photographer’s own words:

This photo was taken on a crisp day at Lough Talt in Southern Ireland. I had to climb down a rough/wet/slippery bank to take it but had my tripod for support . I am currently engaged in taking photos of the North West of Ireland leading to a book being published. Camera: Canon Eos 400d, lens Canon 10 – 22.

Mountain Top

May 25, 2007



Today’s awesome photograph comes from Davina Fear. In the photographer’s own words:

We had decided that between the ceremony and the cocktail hour we would go to the top of the mountain and take some pictures. The parents were all from the 60s and absolutely loved the idea. We got some really wonderful images even though the sky was threatening rain. I love this image because they were completely unaware of the camera. She’s holding her dress high enough to see her garter. The sky is beautiful and so is the mountain. I just love the composition…it’s a favorite for me.

Truly NW

May 3, 2007

Truly NW

Today’s awesome photograph comes from Aaron J. Nelson of Evantide Photography. In the photographer’s own words:

The photo should be a standard where I shoot in northwest washington. The only problem is that is rains so much that if you use an umbrella you are considered a wimp or a tourist. So right before the wedding I ran to the store and purchased one large golf umbrella and one smaller classy umbrella with the great wooden hook.

Because I bought the umbrella’s and intended to use them, we ended up with a window of time to shoot when the rain had stopped (go figure). Anyhow, with the late day light the colors in the image really became muted and that’s my favorite part and what I think gives it the classic look. This was the first shot of the day for this couple and I told them I was done and heading home when I saw the preview in my LCD.

Editor’s note:  This photograph has a unique and timeless appeal that will last forever.  I truly LOVED seeing this submission, and thanks so much for sending it in Aaron.  C.


May 2, 2007


Today’s image comes from Sarah Antonino of Picture Infinity Studios.  In the photographer’s own words:

This was shot after the wedding before the limo was ready to pick up the bride. She wanted to do some fun formals and we had her running down the hall, veil in hand. There are about 12 captures but this one just looked perfect, like she was flying! Her veil was too impressive not to do something cool with it and we’re so glad we took the time!